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SB20 Southerns 2021

The Royal Cork Yacht Club are delighted to host the 2021 SB20 Southerns on August 14th & 15th 2021.

In organising this event, we will utilise the guidelines for events from Irish Sailing thus we will be mindful of the potential impact on the local community, on other water users
as well as the emergency services and we will help to minimise risk by taking an extra conservative approach to the event. A COVID-19 Officer has been appointed to ensure the event takes place within Government, Irish Sailing and Royal Cork public health guidelines.


Notice of Race

Lift in via Salve Marine, John Malone organising. Lift out €50 through crane hire at Hugh Coveney pier, payment here required (again John organising if required)

SB20 2021 Amendment 1 10.30 13.08.21 

SB20 2021 Amendment 2 07.55 14.08.21

Online Entry

Entry List

Sailing Instructions

Official Event Noticeboard Via WhatsApp 

Virtual Protests & Scoring Inquiries


Barbecue on 14th August – Booking Online