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Quarter Ton Cup 2023




Quarter Ton Cup Results 2023

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Regatta officials are using a web-based program to assist with the management of this regatta. It provides electronic forms for such actions as scoring inquiries, protests, equipment substitutions, etc. And it provides for electronic communication with competitors if competitors have provided an email and/or telephone number accepting SMS. Here is a link to a document with more details and QR codes for links to public information.


Quarter Ton Cup 2023 Crew Declaration

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Quarter Ton Cup 2023 Entry Form here

Quarter Ton Cup 2023 Notice of Race here

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Royal Cork Yacht Club will stage the 2023 Quarter Ton Cup in Cork Harbour from July 13-15th, and plans are afoot to make it ‘the Quarter Ton sailing event of the decade’.

The event comes to the Irish south coast from the Solent for the first time since the Cup was resurrected 18 years ago.

The Quarter Ton Cup is awarded to the winners of the World Quarter Ton class championships between 1968 and 1997 and for the Quarter Ton Classic Revival from 2005 to the present. The fleet’s main centre is on the Solent.

The awarding of the event follows a resurgence in Quarter Ton’s interest in Crosshaven over the past few seasons.

Several Royal Cork sailors have bought upgraded Quarter Tonners, such as Conor Phelan’s Anchor Challenge. Others to arrive in Cork Harbour include Illegal, Panic and Diamond.

The boats have been racing as part of a strengthening of Cork Harbour’s Class Three in the 2022 season, with the arrival of three more good Quarter Tonners in the early part of the year.