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Bateman Gallery

The images in this gallery are the property of Robert Bateman and may not be copied, shared or used in any way without the express permission of the photographer. If you are in any doubt contact the club manager, Gavin Deane, 021-4831023 for approval.

Junior Prizegiving 2015

CH Marine Autumn League Final Day 2015

CH Marine Prizegiving  Images 2015

October 11, 2015

CH Marine Autumn League Oct. 4th 2015

CH Marine Autumn League Day1 2015

1720 Euros 2015September 8, 2015

Navy Race 2015

MSL Royal Cork "At Home"

MSL Royal Cork "At Home" Day2

Dinghy Fest 2015

Dinghy Fest Sailing Shots

Nat 18 Championship/Cock of the North July , 2015

Marshall Marine Textiles 2015

Dognose Trophy 2015July 18, 2015

ISA pathway and IODAI prizegiving

ISA Pathway and IODAi Trials Saturday

ISA Pathway and IODAI Trials Thurs /Friday

PY500 2015

A light wind day!  Race5 O'Leary Insurance Group Winter League

Snippets from Junior Prizegiving Dinner 2014

Heineken Super League Prizegiving 2014

November 9th, 2014

CH Marine Autumn Series Final Day and Prizegiving

Cobbler League 19th Oct 2014

CH Marine Autumn Series 19th Oct 2014

CH Marine Autumn League 2014

CH Marine Autumn League 2014

CH Marine Autumn League 2014

"At Home" Sunday 2014

Royal Cork "At Home" 2014

CH Marine Optimist Nationals 2014 Day4

CH Marine Optimists Day2

CH Marine Optimist Nationals 2014

CH Marine Optimist Nationals 2014 Day1

Opening of ISAF Womens Match Racing World Racing Championships and Day1

ISAF Womens Match Racing Day2

ISAF Womens Match Racing Final and Prizegiving

Volvo Cork Week Opening and" Dash for Cash"

Volvo Cork Week Harbour Race 2014

Volvo Cork Week Prizegiving 2014

volvo Cork Week Wed 2014

Irish Dragon Nationals 2014

La Solitaire  du Figaro at the Fastnet

Launch of ISAF Womens Match Racing World Racing Championships

Match Racing Cork City 2014

Team for Dennis Conner Invitational

April League 2014

April League6th April 2014

March 23, 2014

PY500 March 2014

O'Leary Insurance Winter League 2013

CH MARINE Autumn League 2013

Cobh to Blackrock 2013

Irish Laser Nationals

At Home Day 2

Cork Dry Gin Calves Week 2013

July 19, 2013

July 20, 2013

Camden Fort Meagher

Junior Sailing Courses

Covestone Asset Management Sovereign's Cup 2013

ICRA Nationals 2013

Union Chandlery June League

Round the Island-Optimist Trials

UK Halsey Summer League

April 28, 2013

CH Marine Final Day inc Prizegiving

October 20, 2012

CH Marine Day4

CH Marine 2012 Day3

CH Marine Autumn League Day 2 2012

CH Marine Autumn League

National 18s and UCC sailing Club 40th Anniversary

Naval Race 2012

Royal Cork "At Home"

Calves Week -Fastnet Race 2012

Volvo/Davy Irish Optimist National Championship

29th July inc Aghada Race

Four Star PizzaWorld youth Championship

Cork Week Friday inc prizegiving

Cork Week Thursday

New Album 11/07/2012 19:54

July 10, 2012

Cork WK Monday 2012

Cork Week Opening 2012

"All Aboard " Saturday 2012

Round Ireland Sailfest 2012

Midsummer Madness 2012

Sail Spree at Royal Cork

CH Marine 1720 Nationals Day2

CH Marine 1720 Nationals 2012

Tuesday Night Racing At Royal Cork  5th June 2012

20th May 2012

14th April 2012

CH Marine 13th Nov 2011

Heineken Superleague Prizegiving 2011

O'Flynn Exhams Solicitors Autumn Regatta 2011

16th Oct 2011

Cobbler League 9th Oct 2011

Day 2 O Flynn Exhams Autumn Regatta

O Flynn Exhams Solicitors Autumn Regatta Day 1 2011

Naval race 2011

Royal Cork "at Home" 2011

RS Feva Nationals Sunday Racing

RS Feva National Championship 2011

Timberland  Prize Giving Race 4

18s Classic &other items

Nat18s Tues

Nat 18s Mon Racing

Nat 18 Practise Day

Timberland 14th  July 2011

9th July 2011

Cove Sailing Club "At Home" 2011

Midsummer Madness July 1st 2011

Sovereign's Cup 2011

ICRA Nationals day2

ICRA Nationals Day1

Optimist trials KYC 10th April 2011

KYC Spring League 10th April 2011

Scora Prizegiving

ISA All Ireland Sailing Championship 2010

CH Marine 7th Nov  2010

Lasers 7th Nov2010

O'Flynn Exhams Final day /Prizegiving 2010

O'Flynn Exhams Autumn League 24.10.10

OFlynn Exhams Autumn League 17th Oct 2010

O'Flynn Exhams Autumn League 10th Oct 2010

O Flynn Exhams Autumn League Day1

ISA All Ireland Day 3

ISA All Ireland Championships Day 2. Images Robert Bateman

"snippets" from the Naval Race 2010

Dragon South Coast C/ships 2010

Cobh to Blackrock 2010

Optimists 4th Sept 2010

Independence of the Seas

Neville Jewellers "At Home" day 2

"At Home"  2010

Rolex Commodores Cup at Royal Cork Yacht Club

HM Yachts Aug/Sept League

Fireworks at Cobh Peoples Regatta

La Solitaire du Figaro 2010

La Solitaire du Figaro Prizegiving

Cork/Swansea Ferry 'Julia' Pasing ' The World'

Schull Regatta 2010

Departure to Brest

Our French Visitors Enjoying Cork Harbour

HM Yachts Aug/Sept League 2010

Cork Week Friday 2010 Including Prize Giving

Cork Week Thurs Racing2010

Cork Week Tues 2010

Cork Week 2010 Mon Racing

Interlodge Sunday Practice Day

Cork Week Official Opening 2010 Image Robert Bateman

Optimist Night 2010

Uí Loingsigh Wine Race 2010

Conway Media Round Ireland Race 2010

Shetland Round Britain and Ireland at Kinsale

Glandore Harbour Yacht Club At Home 2010

A Birds Eye view of Royal Cork YC. 25.05.10

Irish Examiner Round Island Race 2010

Liebherr ICRA Cruiser Nationals2010

Feeder Race Cork Dun Laoghaire

Mc William Series 13th May 2010

KYC Spring Series 1st May 10

KYC 25th April 10

Kinsale Yacht Club 18th April 10

Spring Series @KYC

CHMarine Winter League

CH Marine 15th Nov 09

CH Marine Winter League 8th Nov 09


O'Flynn Exhams Autumn League 31st Oct 09 and Prizegiving

O'Flynn Exhams Solicitors Autumn League 25.10.09& Cobbler League Optimists

O'Flynn Exhams Solicitors Autumn League 18.10.09

Maritime Providers Trade Show

O'Flynn Exhams Autumn League 11.10.09

O'Flynn Exhams Solicitors Autumn League Day 1

An October Mish Mash of enjoyment

ISA All Ireland's Final /Prizegiving

ISA All Ireland Championships Day 2

ISA All Ireland Championships

National 18's Nationals

SB3 Nationals

SB3 National Champs day1

Last Import

12th Sept 2009

September 5th 09

Neville Jewellers Royal Cork At Home Day Two

Royal Cork At Home Day 1

J80 Southern Match Racing Championship

Uí Loingsigh Off Licence Shorthanded Wine Race

Schull to Crookhaven 09

Schull To Baltimore '09

Irish Examiner Round Island Race

Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta 2009


Sovereigns Cup Final Day

Sovereign's Cup Day 1&2

Junior Sailing Courses Summer 2009.

Familiar faces at West Cork Aug.08

Prizegiving ACCBank Cork Week 2008.

Thursday Racing ACC Bank Cork Week.

Tuesday Racing ACCBank Cork Week 2008.

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