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Boat lifting Info and Booking form 2024

You can book a full year of unlimited lifts available to us at high water. And you can get more details on the yearly facility by clicking here.

The club will be offering several packages. See below.

  1. Yearly as per the info on the link above.
  2. Pay per lift, again, no hard storage or marina birth (Keelboat is €100, rib or small motor boat is €80) for a one-off lift book at the link, HERE.
For further details on signing up for prepaid services, please get in touch with the Club Office.
Please read the following document before using the service. 

Crane Rules of Operation 2024


  1. Rafting on the Marina in the designated area only as depicted on your lease agreement.
  2. The boat is stored on its trailer in the Car park in its assigned area when not in the water.
  3. The trailer is stored in the Car park in its assigned area when the boat is in the water.
  4. Use of crane on any of the days set out in the online form.
  5. Stepping or unstepping your mast once ticked on the booking sheet.
  6. Use of the Club power washer.


  1. The boat must be ready for lifting for the allotted time, or it may not be lifted.
  2. The boat must have a means of getting from the crane pontoon to the Marina spot.
  3. For lifting out, a boat must be ready to lift before coming to the crane pontoon.
  4. Safety is paramount and you must have means of towing your boat to and from the launch area. Staff will assist with the use of the club jeep if available at the time of launching by prior arrangement.
  5. The responsibility of securing the lifting straps and their location lies with the boat owner or their representative exclusively.
  6. The decision to launch or retrieve on the day based on weather conditions lies with the Crane driver exclusively.
  7. This Facility does not make the Car park or the launch and retrieval area a boat maintenance yard.
Booking form for Prepaid members.
Please make sure you book at least a week in advance to ensure you can get a slot on the day you requested. Once you have booked, we will let you know a time slot for your launch or recovery.


Storage of the boat in the storage park on its own trailer when it is not on the water.

Storage of the trailer in the storage park when the boat is in the water.

Rafting of the boat on the Marina in the designated area.

One lift in/out of the boat on any of the days set out in the online form.

Transport of the trailer between the storage park and boat lifting location by club staff.


Boat owners (or their representatives) are required to:

Have the boat and trailer in a suitable and safe condition, ready for lift in/out.

Submit boat lift requests via the online booking form below (for prepaid members only)

Be in attendance for each boat lift at the allotted time.

Move the boat to/from the boat lifting pontoon before/after each lift.

Behave in a safe manner and follow instructions from club staff and/or crane driver / banksman.

Note that boat lifts may be cancelled due to weather conditions or other factors.

Note that club grounds are not to be used for boatyard type of maintenance activities.