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Dry Sailing Expressions of Interest

Dry Sailing
Following on from the Feasibility Study and Trial Lift that were undertaken recently, the club is considering the provision of a boat lifting facility to enable Dry Sailing for interested members that own a keelboat.
The proposed facility will (if implemented) :
  • Be located on the west side of the club’s fuel storage area.
  • be time & tide constrained – i.e. only occur within HT-1.5hrs and HT+1.5hrs, when HT occurs between 0930hrs and 1630hrs on normal working days.
  • Requires the boat owner to have an appropriate trailer for the boat.
  • Use a mobile crane to lift the boats in/out of the water from/to their trailer.
  • Lift a maximum of 3 tonnes, all in.
  • Be charged on an annual basis, as follows:
    • Cost the same as a berth on the marina for that size boat.
    • The cost covers one lift per day during the sailing season, on days that lifts are occurring.
    • The cost includes storing the trailer on club grounds when the boat is in the water.
    • The cost includes storage of the boat and trailer on club grounds when a boat is not in the water.
    • The cost includes using a shared berth area (on the western marina) for boats using the facility, which may involve rafting at times while the boat is in the water.
Please complete this form to express your interest in availing of the proposed Dry Sailing Facility.

Dry Sailing Expression of Interest

Give Name, LOA, Gross weight, and Make of boat
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