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Royal Cork ILCA and Topper Frostbite series 2022

The Royal Cork 2022 ILCA & Topper Frostbite series(incorporating the Bill Jones Trophy for the winning RCYC topper) will take place across November, Sunday 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th. Racing will take place for ILCA4, ILCA6 , ILCA7 and topper 5.3 & 4.2 fleets with separate starts available if numbers allow. A one-day entry is also facilitated for those that cannot attend the full series.

The First warning signal will be 1125 each racing day.

Visiting sailors may leave their dinghy in the RCYC dinghy yard for the duration of the series, the dinghy should be clearly marked with Name, club and contact number.


We are also holding open training sessions in conjunction with the frostbites.
Saturday Nov 5th we will hold a 4 hour ILCA training session for ILCA4 and ILCA6 sailors, this is open to any ILCA sailor, irrespective of whether they enter the Frostbite series.

Saturday Nov 12th, we will hold a 4 hour Topper training session for Topper sailors, this is open to any topper sailor, irrespective of whether they sail in the Frostbite series.


Entries have been brisk, with 60 entries to date!!

Any further enquiries please email event organiser


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Notice of Race




Amended SIs-Frostbites-2022-V1

Amended SIs-Frostbites-2022-12Nov


Official Notice Board

Whatsapp group to get updates on the event, and is also the official notice board


Final Results –

Toppers 5.3

Toppers 4.2





Photos – Courtesy of Bob Bateman

Bateman Gallery



Afloat article Nov 21st

Directions to RCYC event

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