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Youth Pathway Update

We have had great interest and registrations for the 2021 Youth Pathway thus far. Though we are currently forced off the water due to the current restrictions, the promise of brighter days ahead, both metaphorically and literally, have meant that there has been plenty of work going on behind the scenes to get ready for what promises to be an extremely busy sailing season in 2021.

Over the last couple of weeks the interview process for instructors and coaches has been undertaken. Coaches and instructors for the season ahead have been identified and many are already at work creating programs for the season ahead.

Whilst we don’t fully know when we will be able to get back to sailing, over the next month the lead coaches in each of the classes, as well as in some new / re kindled  initiatives, will (virtually) sit down with every interested Junior and Youth sailor to chart out their return/introduction to sailing.

In essence this will mean that once we are given the green light to go back out on the water, each of our sailors will be in the best position possible to take advantage of the sailing on offer, that it will be applicable to their interests and that the right instructors will be in place to help them get as much out of the club , and the 2021 season, as possible.

February background activities:

– Identification , interview and selection of coaches and instructors , including the completion of 40 interviews
– Recruitment of lead coaches across the junior classes, including development of “Return To Sailing / Competition” programs for each class
– Creation and refinement of adult sailing / keelboat courses for Summer 2021.
– Planning of junior course / junior coaching / U25 and away event calendars  and dates.

Upcoming activities for March:

– Creation of new booking and payment process for club boats
– Workshop style interviews with all junior and youth sailors that want to participate
– Refinement of junior courses / junior coaching dates

Currently we are hoping that the current “Living with COVID” framework will remain in place and that we will be able to resume single handed / single household sailing in mid April. Of course, these dates will remain fluid for some time to come, however we feel the more organised we are at this juncture the better placed we will be to make the very most of the season, whenever the eventual start date is.

For those who have yet to sign up to the Pathway, please do so here.

On behalf of the club, thank you to Saki Curtin and Ben Fusco for their time and efforts thus far.


Best wishes,

Annamarie Fegan

Rear Admiral Dinghies

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