Series 200

Cobbler League Regatta Fleet

Entries: 15

Sail No Boat Type of Boat Owner
1452 RCYC Regatta Daniel Horgan
760 RCYC Regatta Maeve Crosbie
685 KYC Regatta Pierce Hanley
1179 KYC Regatta Pheilim Hanley
1551 RCYC Regatta David O'Leary
1467 RCYC Regatta Charlie Venner
1337 RCYC Regatta James Coakley
1017 KYC Regatta Caoimhe Corkery
1530 RCYC Regatta Ellen Bruen
653 MBSC Regatta Fionn Hayes
834 RCYC Regattta Oisin Pierce
1277 RCYC Regatta Lucy Moynan
1257 TBSC Regatta Riona McMorrow Moriarty
1264 RCYC Regatta Rowan McSweeney
1297 RCYC Regatta Julie Cole

DNC-Did Not come to Starting Area DNS-Did Not Start OCS-On Course Side of Start Line
ZFP-Z Flag Penalty under Rule 30.2 BFD-Black Flag Disqualification under Rule 30.3 SCP-Scoring Penalty under Rule 44.3
DNF-Did Not Finish RET-Retired DSQ-Disqualification
DNE-Disqualification Not Excludable        DGM-Disqualification Not Excludable under Rule 90.3b        RDG-Redress
PNE-Penalty Not Excludable DPI-Discretionary Penalty Imposed

Sun 01 Oct 17 16:27
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