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World Invitational Cup

The New York Yacht Club has invited the Royal Cork Yacht Club to participate in a World Invitational Cup. This event will take place in September 2009. The event will be raced in Swan 42s and must be crewed primarily by members of the Royal Cork Yacht Club.

The purpose of this note is to bring to the attention of all members that we have received this invitation. It is the Club’s intention to enter a team.  We suspect that there will be a number of people interested in taking part in this event.  We have to draw your attention to the Notice of Race, Section 5, which details the entry fee. We also need to draw your attention to the fact that the team will have to charter a Swan 42 and comply with specific terms & conditions regarding the charter. The Club will not be covering any of these costs. We are now inviting skippers to submit an expression of interest to represent the Club at this event. The Club does not want to be involved in selecting crews for this event. We do however want the best team available to represent the Club.

With the above in mind would people interested in acting as a skipper and forming their own team for the event please contact me at 087 2546407 or at with an expression of interest for this event.


We intend holding a meeting of these interested parties on the 16th October 2008. At this meeting we will measure the demand for this event and we will discuss the next course of action.

Please review the following for further information.  Derry Good, Rear Admiral of Keel Boat Racing.

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