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The Multihull Fleet in Cork comprises of two distinct groups at present, double and singlehanded, both ISAF recognised International development classes. Everyone races off the PY Handicap system, with the local combination of boats, it's basically first across the finish line, is the overall winner.

Double Handed: Hobie Tiger
This forms part of the growing Formula 18 Fleet and is seen as the foundation boat for the Olympic Tornado Multihull.
The combined crew weight is from 115kg upwards with small sails to 150kg minimum combined weight for the full rig. The boat is widely raced in Ireland with clubs including Galway, Blessington, Ballyholme. The thrill of the kite on the downwind ride is not to be rivaled, the Tiger is both exhilarating and safe.

Single Handed trapeze option is the "A Class"
As a development class from the 60's, it has become a rather High Tech boat, design aspects such as hull, sail shape, mast length and shape are unrestricted. Only the basic measurements of maximum hull length 18ft, maximum beam, maximum sail area 13.94 square meters and minimum weight 75kg must be adhered to. Over the past 7 years sailors from 68 – 90kgs have won the World Title. It is the most efficient upwind boat apart from the Americas Cup Class – to quote Mike Drummond NewZelands mast designer.

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