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lovely junior group late 60s have names

Way Back When – No. 8

This post is a follow up on WbW#6 where Larrie Martin beautifully described his long career as an Oppie Parent. In it we unscientifically examine the changes to the way Junior Sailing is approached and try to illustrate with photographs from 2007 and some 40 years earlier.

It’s  summer 2007 and it’s Oppie barbecue day in Ringabella with Larrie supervising the loading of Ribs……

And they all got there safely. We think we have most names – certainly visible are James McCann, Sarah Hogan, Julie Power, Arran Walsh, Chloe Crosbie, Amy Harrington, Shane Bushe, Vikki Cudmore, Jane Cudmore, Sarah Cudmore, John Galvin, Sarah McCann, Isabelle Nyhan, Patrick Hogan, William Trevor, Isabelle Collins, Rory Martin, Oscar Morehead, Philip Brownlow, Patrick Crosbie, Julie Tingle, Zoe Fitzpatrick, Ally Morehead, Sarah Kenny, Criofan Guilfoyle, Wesley Brownlow, Ciara Power, Kristi O’Flynn, Jamie Tingle, Robbie English, Amy Kate Trevor, Maeve Leonard, Peter McCann, Conor O’Keefe, Richie Harrington, Jack Boland, Judy Costigan, Kate FitzGerald, Rory McCarthy, Seafra Guilfoyle, Muireann Guilfoyle, Orlaith Cotter and John Nyhan.

Sam McGinley was buried by the girls. Front: Ciara Power, Amy Kate Trevor, Sarah Kenny, Kirsti O’ Flynn, Julie Power, Ally Morehead. Behind: Sarah Hogan, Maeve O’ Sullivan, Julie Tingle, Isabelle Nyhan, Isabelle Collins, Jane Cudmore, Judy Costigan, Orlaith Cotter, Zoe Fitzpatrick, Chloe Crosbie, Amy Harrington, Vikki Cudmore and Sarah McCann. Behind is some evidence of the parents barbecuing.

Parental involvement was total. Visible on this team are Brian ‘China’ Trevor, Julie Power, Chloe Crosbie, Clair Crosbie, Isabelle Collins, Maeve O’Sullivan, Deirdre Tingle, Aideen Cudmore, Amy Kate Trevor, Jackie Harrington, Kristi O’Flynn, Vikki Cudmore and Orlagh Cotter.

On the other team were at least the following. Robbie English, Wesley Brownlow, Brendan Lyden, Grattan Roberts, Dermot Lyden, Rory McCarthy, Larry Martin, John Cudmore, Patrick Crosbie, Arran Walsh, Patrick Hogan, Dave Guilfoyle and our current Olympic hopeful Seafra Guilfoyle.

This is Junior sailing late 1960’s style. We think we have identified all the cadets. Seated: Jane Cudmore, Susan Cudmore, Mary Doran, Jackie Payne, Ria Lyden. Standing: Anthony O’Leary, John Delap, Jonathan Coe, Dave Delap, Dave Curtin, Eddie English, Clayton Love Minor, Peter Kennedy, Finn Lyden, Johnny Lyden, Garry Sullivan, John Dunphy and the same John Cudmore as in the previous picture. Cast your eye toward the adults standing to the left in the background. She holding her gin and tonic and he appears to be engaged in gentle conversation, both clearly disinterested in the happenings on the lawn in front of them. And in front of them the sign which remained in place until the mid eighties which forbiddingly announced – NOBODY UNDER THE AGE OF 18 BEYOND THIS POINT

WayBackWhen is being published as a regular series in the run up to the Cork 300 celebrations next July. The publication team are interested in photographs and articles showing the life of the club in living memory and are inviting submissions at this time.  A number of members have already kindly agreed to write articles on specific subjects like this recent one, WbW#6 – The Oppie Parent, by Larrie Martin. If you have items of interest or a good story that fits the theme please make contact through 0ffice@royalcork.c0m


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