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WbW#7 – February’s Picture

Times have moved on but today is a good day to salute the committee members who helped celebrate the last anniversary and also to give all boat crews an important job to do!

The 2020 calendar was posted to all members earlier this week and the theme is complementary with Way Back When. The calendar runs February to January, as ever, reason being that it includes full fixtures for the season and these are fluid up to about now!

February’s pic is of the General Committee, all 28 of them, that Admiral Clayton Love Jr gathered to run the club for the 250th anniversary. 

Included is Robert Morehead, father of our current Admiral, Colin. 

Also pictured are Harry Deane and his son Dougie (recently lost to us, RIP). Dougie is father of Gavin our General Manager.

Many of the names are very familiar, surnames that are commonplace on the roll of members, and some of the faces are actively sailing and racing to this day.

Which brings us to this year’s celebrations – and a message to make sure that you make whatever arrangements are needed to be properly dressed for July.

Lady Admiral Betty Love cuts the cake at the last big celebrations. Included with Clayton and Betty are Denis and Mary Doyle, Harold Sn and Mary Cudmore, Dougie Deane and Brian Cudmore. Denis was Vice Admiral and Harold was Vice in ’69.

Some of the very well dressed fleet assembled off Haulbowline that summer, We need help identifying the yachts. We think the third one is Moonduster, 47ft and built in Crosshaven in 1965 to a design of Robert Clarke. She certainly had no engine and this boat appears to be tethered to the other white yacht ahead in line. 

Anyway – check your calendar for events and in particular make sure your bunting is in order (or at least on order) for July 12th!

What is not in the calendar but just as important is to put the evening of July 11th in your diary. The City Hall is hosting our gala dinner that night and we understand that tickets will go on sale shortly. Please keep an eye out for further annoucements.

WayBackWhen is being published as a regular series in the run up to the Cork 300 celebrations next July. The publication team are interested in photographs and articles showing the life of the club in living memory and are inviting submissions at this time.  A number of members have already kindly agreed to write articles on specific subjects like this recent one, WbW#6 – The Oppie Parent, by Larrie Martin. If you have items of interest or a good story that fits the theme please make contact through 0ffice@royalcork.c0m 


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One Response to WbW#7 – February’s Picture

  1. R. Andrews April 11, 2020 at 8:44 am #

    The photo of the “well dressed fleet” appears to show the incident recorded in Zest’s log reported in the ICC Journal of 1969 (page 104) as follows:

    ” We spent several scorching and glorious days at Crosshaven meeting many interesting people and the programme terminated on Sunday with the procession round Cork Harbour led by the Admiral. A brief mention must be made of this, at the risk of repeating what has appeared elsewhere, for, half-way through the procession, when leading the starboard line and towing our sister ship, Moonduster, the propellor shaft sheared and the third boat in the line, Dick Nye’s new Carina, quickly came up and took over the tow of the two sister ships. This was all done so smoothly that no one, apart from those involved, knew anything about it, and certainly the procession was a very fine sight. The shaft breakage was due to one of the three flexible mountings of the engine failing and allowing the shaft to get out of line. Nothing could be done about this in Cork in time for the start of the cruise two days later, despite a tremendous amount of effort and help by Denis Doyle and the Crosshaven Shipyard.”

    So the yachts are Carina (number III), Zest and Moonduster. Both Zest and Moonduster show the characteristic chine in the topsides used by Robert Clark around this time.

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