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Way Back When – No. 4

Ever-changing yet somehow very familiar. This is the dining room of 1970 which despite all the changes is instantly recognisable.

John Keane – club steward from 1934 to 1973 in his domain. His sister Mary Keating ran the kitchen. As evidenced from the photograph the room extended beyond the fireplace into the areas now occupied by offices and kitchens – behind the fireplace was the ladies bar up until 1946. The gents changing room was in a long narrow corridor which ran most of the length of the building including behind the timber paneling on the left of the photograph.

And the exact same location last Friday with Anne Lordan presiding! Anne is one of our longest serving staff members and will be familiar not just to our members but to so many visitors and friends of the Royal Cork.


The clubhouse has undergone so many changes and improvements over the years and nowhere is this more evident than in the dining room which has more that doubled in capacity since the upper photograph was taken.

What has not changed is the warm welcome of our staff who  are currently working tirelessly to prepare the club for the coming season of celebrations.


WayBackWhen is intended to be published as a regular series in the run up to the Cork 300 celebrations next July. The publication team are interested in photographs and articles showing the life of the club in living memory and are inviting submissions at this time.   A number of members have already kindly agreed to write articles on specific subjects – for an example see WbW – The Cork Harbour One Designs by Patrick Dorgan. If you have items of interest or a good story that fits the theme please make contact through 0ffice@royalcork.c0m

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