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Donals Darlings Race Office Staff

Way Back When – No.10

Today we celebrate the club volunteer, without whom nothing would be possible. We have a lovely photo from Cork Week 1992, give details of how to volunteer for any of this year’s many events and take a irreverent view on what you might end up doing….

This is the first opening! Needed a brave videographer ready to do work at fleet starts on the Weavers Point Line. Note the dress code if you chose to offer to volunteer for this role!

A similar type of opportunity but further out to sea….

Experience scaling the ladder and aspire to becoming a “flag officer” on a committee boat….

Even higher than Shiny – Jack Roy, at the time of writing still the ISA President, is the principle race officer for Cork Week this year.

Or even become a God!

Ok – that’s enough! Here we see the very practical and hard working Race Office staff of Cork Week ’92. Included in the picture are Sally O’Leary, Jean Leahy, Louis Hegarty, Phil Maguire, Trish McCarthy, Lilian Healy, Lisa McCarthy, April English, Sue Gibson, Janet Barry, Katie Dwyer and Jill Cross. The team were affectionately known as Donal’s Darlings – the contribution of Donal McClement to the club and Cork Week over many years is being marked this year with a special dinner on the Thursday night before Cork Week.

This year more than ever the club will be very stretched with the extensive programme of events happening this summer and every bit of help will be most welcome. 

Cork Week in July is the major event logistically. The club is currently looking for volunteers for committee boats and race office duties as the primary requirements. The Vice Admiral Kieran O’Connell is chairperson of the organising committee and would love members to contact him directly at

Also we have other large events such as the Cock of the North Championship for the National Eighteens, the Optimist Nationals and the Laser Nationals, running in separate weeks of August which also need support. Kieran will be delighted to pass you interest in these events to the relevant organiser.

so…. even if you are already committed like this guy to a particular boat for one of these events…..

…. we would love if you could volunteer to help with any of the others listed above! Note: All the pics in this series (except for Donal’s Darlings) are taken from the galleries on There are fabulous photographs of the action and colour of Cork Week over the years from 2004 available to browse.

WayBackWhen is being published as a regular series in the run up to the Cork 300 celebrations next July. The idea is to bring to life the rich history of the Royal Cork through stories and memories from the lifetime of the current membership while being relevant to today’s club. The publication team have been delighted with the level of engagement and help that they have received from members since the first post some five weeks ago. We are slightly overwhelmed with the volume of material coming our way and promise to try to do it justice over the coming few months.

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