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Irish Sailing Youth National Championships 2024 Entries

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ClassHelm NameCrew Name (Double-handers Only)Sail NumberClub
ILCA 6Krzysztof Ciborowski216612Royal St. George Yacht Club
ILCA 4Rory Whyte216121WHSC & RCYC
ILCA 4Joseph Robinson178000BYC
Topper 5.3Polly Robinson47388BYC
420Rory WilsonOlivia ConnaughtonTBCKinsale
OptimistLiam SweeneyIRL1583LRYC
OptimistNiamh Baynes1577GBSC
ILCA 6Ciara McMahon211121HYC
OptimistAoife McElligott1659RCYC
ILCA 4Isabel Nixon906Ballyholme Yacht Club and Donaghadee Sailing Club
Topper 5.3Hugo Boyd49090BYC
OptimistAndrew mannion1606LRYC
Topper 5.3Emily Macafee49097BYC
ILCA 6Bobby Driscoll223676BYC/RNIYC
ILCA 6Dan Oleary208720RCYC
OptimistEmily Donagh1675RSGYC/LDYC
OptimistMaeve Donagh1674RSGYC/LDYC
OptimistLily Donagh1663RSGYC/LDYC
OptimistKate Byrne1542Lough Ree Yacht Club
420Caoimhe CorkeryLucy MoynanTBCRoyal Cory Yacht Club & Kinsale Yacht Club
OptimistTristan BendonIRL 1643Kinsale Yacht Club
ILCA 6Seth Walker212077RSGYC
ILCA 4Zita Tempany190754RSGYC
OptimistElla Rock1575RStGYC
OptimistGeorge DoigIRL1602East Antrim Boat Club
ClassHelm NameCrew Name (Double-handers Only)Sail NumberClub
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