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Updating the Homepage Slideshow

1. Log in to the website to access the dashboard
2. From the left hand menu, select “Slides”
3. This will list the existing slides. You can now “Add a New Slide” or update an existing one.

Add a new slide

1. Click the “Add New” button located at the top of the screen
2. A new screen will open. It will require you to enter a slide title in the top box. This title will be the headline text that displays on your slide. It should not exceed 8 words!
3. It will require an image for the slide. NOTE: Your image should be exactly 1600 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall. (Consult us if you need help resizing an image)
4. To upload your image simply click the button “Upload” that is located in the Page Settings palette, locate your image from your computer and click “Use Image”.
5. Each slide requires a link in the box marked “URL”. When a user clicks on the slide on the front page of the website, they will be brought to this link. Example – The link must include the little piece at the start – http://
6. Each slide also requires some text to go under the slide header. The word count should not exceed 15 words! You can put this text in the box marked “Excerpt”.
7. To the right hand side of the screen you will see a checkbox titled “Slide Groups”. Make sure “Homepage Slideshow” is checked.
8. When you are ready click “Publish” and your slide will now appear on the front of the website. Make sure to refresh your browser window if you don’t see the slide appear on the front page.


• Add new slide
• Give slide a title
• Upload an image that is sized to 1600 X 550 px
• Give the slide a link
• Give the slide some body text
• Check “Slide Groups”
• Click “Publish”
• Refresh browser window to see slide updated on front end
• Remember when using the editor in WordPress, always make sure to toggle to “Visual” from the right hand corner of the editor

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