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Update From Principal Coach – Ben Fusco

As we are looking forward to the return to Junior Coaching on the May weekend , preparations are well underway to get all of our junior and youth sailors back on the water and shaking off the cobwebs of an extended off season.

It’s great to see Try Sailing and the Summer courses launch this week. For our class coaching across oppies, toppers etc. we are very confident that we have a robust training plan in place for each of the classes, with lead, senior and junior coaches identified for each group.


The Class captains are currently circulating surveys for coaching sessions, and would appreciate as quick a response as possible to ensure that we have the all the correct resources in place .


I will be in the club again this coming Saturday (the 24th of April) to give any sailors boats a pre-sailing check and to assist with any maintenance or repairs that might be necessary. If at all possible I would encourage everyone to get down and rig their boat so we can make the very best use of the time we have available to us over the coming weeks.


If any sailors have any questions about coaching, boat or sail selection or any other concerns about the coming season, I will be available in the club on Saturday or via email so we can set up a time to have a chat. I am more than happy to discuss options and try and point you in the right direction.


I would ask everyone, club members, parents, sailors and, indeed, coaches to remember that we have had a long lay off this winter and spring. It is going to take some time to get back up to speed and we are going to have give ourselves a little chance to socialise and generally just enjoy being on the water.


To this end we will be keeping the sessions concise and will be primarily focusing on boat handling and boat speed for the first few weeks, with more racing skills based sessions added in as we close in on competition season , hope fully starting mid /end of June. As such this is the time for us to focus on our selves and ensure we are as well prepared as possible for what promises to be a great season of sailing in Ireland.


Finally, crucially, for the Youth Sailors. If you have any concerns, suggestions , worries or are just unsure about what is going on. Please let me know.


My job, primarily, is to help you all progress in sailing , and to make sure that we create the right environment for you to succeed in whatever area you are most interested in, both on and off the race course. So any feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

All the best,

Ben Fusco

Principal Coach

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