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University College Cork Sailing Club’s 40th Anniversary

Picture shows the many UCC Regatta entrants awaiting their turns to compete in the UCC Sailing Club’s 40th Anniversary Regatta. Photograph Robert Bateman.

Adding to the buzz in the Royal Cork Yacht Club to day (Sept.29th) was the celebration of UCC’s Sailing Club 40th Anniversary that took the form of a celebratory Regatta and Dinner with all proceeds from the event going to the Joe English Trust.

Sun, wind and enjoyable sailing for UCC’ Sailing Club’s 40th Anniversary at RCYC. Picture Robert Bateman

The Regatta consisted of 3 vs 3 team racing in Fireflies provided for the racing and the six person teams had to be made up of at least four alumni or present UCC students.

A dinner will take place in the RCYC this evening at 7.30pm for everyone with sailors not participating in the regatta more than welcome.

Pictures HERE

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