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2024 Primary & Secondary School “Try Sailing”

The Royal Cork Yacht Club  is delighted to offer Primary & Secondary school students the opportunity to “Try Sailing” at the Royal Cork Yacht Club on the 4th & 5th May 2024.


Thank you for signing up for Try Sailing 2024. All places are now full. Please contact the office on 021 4831023 to place your sailor on the waiting list. 





What is the Royal Cork Yacht Club?
The Royal Cork Yacht Club is the oldest Yacht Club in the world founded in 1720, and while over 300 years old, it is still vibrant, progressive and innovative just as it was in 1720. 

Where is the Royal Cork Yacht Club Located?
The Royal Cork Yacht Club is conveniently located in Crosshaven, Co Cork from which it enjoys access to Cork Harbour, the largest natural harbour in the northern hemisphere.

Is car parking available?
Yes, public parking is available outside the Royal Cork Yacht Club and the surrounding areas. Parking within the club grounds is reserved for its members.

What is Try Sailing?
Whether you’ve never sailed before, or would like to return to sailing after a break, we’re here to help you decide what kind of boat you want to sail, and where you can get started. Try Sailing is aimed at youths (primary and secondary school) with a view to introducing them to sailing to encourage them to try the sport. We really want them to comeback and build on their learning experiences and continue to sail with us. 

When can I undertake a Try Sailing session?
Try Sailing sessions will run in Saturday & Sunday on May 4th & 5th . You are signing up for two sessions, either two morning  session  or two afternoon sessions.  The total cost per sailor is €50 for both sessions. 

How much does it cost?
€50 per sailor 

Is there a limit on places. 
Yes, so book early to avoid disapointed. 

Can I bring a friend or friends?
Yes, ask them to sign up. We want youths to try sailing, and we want to encourage as many people to try our sport. 

Minimum Age 8

While the min age is 8, the sailor needs to be water confident. We do not want to scare off the juniors.  It is very important that your sailor is confident on the water. If in doubt, please give us a call on 021 4831023 

What do I need to bring along with me?
Remember that it is usually cooler out on the water than ashore. Wetsuit, A drink/snack lifejacket, a change of  warm clothes. Depending on the weather, sun cream/hat etc. 

I will need to change my clothes. Is there a changing room?
Yes, there are changing and showering facilities. As a Try Sailing participant you will have similar access to the Clubs facilities and resources as our Club members enjoy.

What happens if weather conditions are not sailable?
If sailing conditions are not safe to sail, you will not be going sailing. You will be provided with alternative dates from which you can select a replacement session.

Anything else?
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you may have. We will ensure that your experience at the Royal Cork Yacht Club is one that you will remember. Please contact or on 021 4831023 and they will be happy to answer all of your questions.