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Triumphant final day of O’Flynn Exhams Solicitors Autumn Regatta

Where to start and what to say.  There is so much to say about yesterday (Sat) one hardly knows where to start but we will go back to the start of the day when the organisers thought they would not have any racing at all due to the weather conditions.  Rear Admiral Keelboats Ronan Enright gave a graphic description of the committees’ trip to Weavers to  look out – rolling angry waves blowing huge froth everywhere, a southerly wind and an ebb tide. The next  trip was to Camden to look out again and the sight was not much better. Decision made to postpone.

Meanwhile, back at the club  outside on the patio area there was an impromptu carnival atmosphere in spite of the rain and wind.  The Skippers and crews all kitted out in their sailing gear  were like bucking broncos waiting for the off and enjoying coffees and exchanging banter while waiting for the bulletins from on high. Calls were being made regularly to the organisers at their look out stations but it was almost 1.30pm before the welcome news came through conditions had abated enough to commence racing and  the charge to get to the line started.    An amendment was made to the Sailing Instructions and with Admiral Paddy McGlade’s Sabrone as the only committee boat a line was set up off Spike. 

The eight fleets were combined into three different starts sailing off the Spit all sailing in the same area. Classes Zero, 1 and 1720s were given a windward/leeward course between No. 8 and No. 11 buoys while the other fleets got a somewhat shorter course.

The conditions  by this stage were such that wonderful racing was enjoyed.  On asking  David O’Brien about the racing and any surprises involved?  The twinkling smile appeared and he said and I quote  “There were many surprise wipeouts and a lot of dancing took place on the water”.  Another description came from Michael Murphy of Shelly D, 1st in Class 4 ECHO  and 2nd in IRC that  the high pitched whine of the Class 3 Dorgan Sonar, No Half Measures,  passing them under spinnaker was unbelievable and  it would have been capable of towing a water skier at speed.  In the end after such an exhilarating race, it left the competitors calling for another race but after such a late start it just was not possible.

Then came the evening and what an evening at the Royal Cork Yacht Club it turned out to be.  There were certainly no late comers.  There were people everywhere, the conversation was stimulating, the camaraderie was wonderful, the dining room was beautifully prepared, the bar was jammers while awaiting the call to dine and the Club rocked.   Then it was time for dinner and the prize giving. There were gasps when the competitors saw the prizes on offer. The Sponsors, O’Flynn Exhams, had  brought these wonderful nautical items in from the States from the hugely well known top of the range  suppliers Weems & Plath.  This again was typical of the panache and style which O’Flynn Exhams had shown as sponsors to the event and  was enjoyed by the club for the past three years.  Their sponsorship was outstanding and took in every minute detail.  The Senior Partner in the firm Irene O’Donovan packed the delightful chocolate favours gracing the tables, tied in blue ribbons the O’Flynn Exham colour.  Irene and her husband Pascal Healy had played a very active part in the Autumn Regatta as had OFE Partner Eamon Muldoon who was particularly gracious when presenting  one of the earlier day prizes to 4 year old Oisin Dorgan representing his family’s win. A gesture not missed and very typical of the Sponsors’ attitude throughout the event.

During his speech before the prize giving the Admiral paid glowing tributes to the Sponsors and thanked them for their three years of support and also thanked the officials, helpers and those who had  contributed to the success of the Autumn Regatta.   Rear Admiral Ronan Enright also spoke and endorsed the Admiral’s sentiments in expressing thanks to the Sponsors and all connected with the event.

Apart from the forty five prizes presented by the Sponsor, trophies were also awarded –  the Gibbons Family Trophy, The Rose Family Trophy and a new trophy the Heffernan Trophy presented by The Heffernan Family.

For the past three years the Autumn regattas have been  wonderful, the Sponsorship has been outstanding and will indeed be a very hard act to follow. Thank you from us all.
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