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Tom MacSweeney’s This Island Nation and the cause of the Seagulls

Seagulls are getting a bad Press as the media calls for a cull, but there is another side to the story, which is told on this edition of THIS ISLAND NATION, the maritime programme, by Stephen Newtown, Senior Conservation Officer for Seabirds with BirdWatch Ireland. He studies seabird populations all around the coast and, in this programme, highlights concerns for declining species. He talked to Presenter, Tom MacSweeney, as he worked on a research project in Dublin Bay and can be listened to here. It is a very interesting topic and I for one would hate to think of these creatures being culled. There is something very emotive about them and always associated with ‘going down to the sea’ and whirling around with those plaintiff sounding cries.

The programme also hears about an unusual rescue from a crashed plane during World War Two on the Clare coastline, discusses the latest RNLI lifeboat campaign to make the public aware of water safety on the sea shore, following the Baltimore tragedy and reports on the national study of safety in the fishing industry.

These stories and much more can be listened to on a Podcast on this Mixcloud link:

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