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Timberland July League provided splendid racing on Thursday night

On the night sailors were saying “It’s a great night to be on the water”. A big change from the previous Thursday.  The breeze was coming from the South West at about 10 knots. Full mains and a light No.1 for the second race of the Timberland league. The start was an hour and a half after high water. So the spring tide made tactics more interesting.

The Race Officers once again set an excellent course. It was a clean start for everyone with a short beat from Corkbeg to the Cage which was left to port.There was a reach out to No.3 and then another beat out to W2. It was then a bear away set for a Spinnaker up the harbour leaving No.6 to port on the way to No.5 (otherwise known as Dognose). Short beat once again to the Cage with another bear away set to No.9 After that there was another beat back to Dognose and a short beat to the finish. It was a proper summer evening race thanks to the Race Officers and the Weather Gods!

Ernie Dillon’s “Silk Breeze” in White Sail got the number one slot in IRC and second in Echo. In Class 3 it went to Jimmy Nyhan and Maritta Buwalda’s 1/4 tonner “Outrigger” in both IRC and Echo, in Class 2 it was Kieran and Liz O’Briens MG335 “Magnet” that came first in IRC and second in Echo and in Class 1 the honours went to Kieran Twomey’s Corby, Gloves Off.

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