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The Lipton-O’Regan Cup


Valerie, daughter of Kevin O’Regan, presenting the Lipton O’Regan Cup to Dermot Burns, Club Archivist. Inset is Kevin O’Regan.

Sir Thomas Lipton was a challenger for the America’s Cup on five occasions between 1899 and 1930.

While he challenged under the burgee of the Royal Ulster Yacht Club he became a member of the Royal Cork Yacht Club in 1900 and once declared that should he win the America’s Cup, the proudest privilege of his life would be to land it at Queenstown (now Cobh) before it rested on any other soil.

In 1923 he presented a Challenge Cup to the Queenstown People’s Regatta for annual competition. Captain Paddy O’Regan sailing Cygnet won this trophy outright in 1926.

The O’Regan family was prominent in Cork harbour sailing for the greater part of the twentieth century and this interest was centred on the Cork Harbour One Design, Cygnet.
Paddy O’Regan sailed her from 1912 to 1939 at which time he handed over command to his eldest son Frank St. John. Paddy’s youngest son Kevin took over the helm in 1948 until 1972.

Today Kevin O’Regan lives on board his beloved Bloody Mary in Majorca, Spain where he is well known for his charity work in setting up a sail training trust, Joves Navegants de Balears. This trust, now run entirely by Spaniards, trains and brings local underprivileged and troubled youngsters sailing on board its own 21.5 metre yacht Galaxie.

In recent times Kevin came to the conclusion that the best place for the magnificent Lipton O’Regan trophy would be the Royal Cork Yacht Club. On 19th June his daughter Valerie brought it to the club and presented it to Dermot Burns Club Archivist who accepted it on behalf of the club. This is now one of our most impressive trophies and will no doubt be the focus of keen racing into the future.  

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