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The Globe Restaurant – The Story behind the name…

The story behind the “Globe” goes back to the archives where our records make interesting reading. By trawling through the minutes of meetings from 1854 when the matter of lighting the new club house in Cobh was raised to 1867 when the design and cost were eventually agreed, they tell us the Globe dates back to 1867 when the Clubhouse in Cobh was lit by Gas and accounts show the cost at £15.10.00.

The Globe quietly observed events at the hallway of the Queenstown/Cove Clubhouse illuminated in its defused gas fed light until around 1900 when it was modified to electric light.

In 1966 a great deal of artifacts such as paintings, trophies and records were transferred when the Club moved from Cobh to Crosshaven, the Globe would have been included in this.

Initially the Globe was positioned on the flat roof over the entrance to the Club outside the offices and remained there for a year or two. Unfortunately someone then had the not very bright idea of relocating it on the top of the steel frame of the gate to the marina. Each time the gate slammed shut the Globe shuddered and before long the Globe was badly damaged.

It then found its way to a brass works in Cork city for restoration; this would have been around the late 1970s.

There it languished for decades while discussions were held and quotations sought. Various proposals were made that might have successfully funded the project but all to no avail. However during 2012 and 2013 a further and final effort to effect a resolution was made and due in great part to the determination and generosity of Dr Raymond Fielding the Globe returned to the Club early in 2014 in memory of his late wife Christine. It now hangs in the Centre of the Dining Room for all to enjoy. Thank you Dr Fielding.

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