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Test Drive the SB20 in Cork Harbour

Sailors who would like to try out a Sportsboat SB20 can do so on Saturday the 9th March at an Open Afternoon in the Royal Cork Yacht Club in Crosshaven.

The Cork SB20 fleet is inviting sailors to come and try a sail on this exciting one-design performance boat on that day and class members will be on hand to offer information and advice. Water activity will be from 2pm – 5pm while there will be complimentary drinks in the bar afterwards to give prospective sailors the opportunity to ask experienced SB20 sailors questions about the fleet and racing formats.

On the day, the Royal Cork will provide rib transfers to the SB20 sailors which will be sailed in Cork Harbour. The afternoon is open to experienced or novice sailors and especially to prospective new owners.

Those wishing to avail of this opportunity should contact Mel Collins and make sure they bring their sailing wet weather gear and a lifejacket.

To make a provisional booking, email Mel at or alternatively text or call on 087 2420266.

The sports boat concept is focused around close competitive racing on 40-50 minute courses in easily maneuverable one-design boats. “You do not need a football team to race, just 3 people. As Justin Burke says “above all these boats are fast. This is not cheque book racing. Everyone has the same boat, same sails,  so its all about the racing.”

Although the concept of racing is not new it is very much in tune with the modern lifestyle where free time is at a premium and the prospect of getting of getting 2 competitive races in 2 hours appeals to helm and crew.


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