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Taste of Sailing Course for Adults

Monday night saw the first night of the Adult Taste of Sailing Course get under way.  The twenty two participants and their Instructors were all very eager to get going and couldn’t have had a nicer evening to do so.

After a brief introductory session  with the basics of sailing explained they set off in the ISA J80 Sailfleet currently based at the club. Not wishing to be sexist the participants in the main were mainly female.

For anyone about to experience their first sail it must have seemed like heaven.  There was brilliant evening sunshine, a light northerly breeze and, with a flood tide they were about to get an experience on their first night, of tacking down through the moored craft as far as Crosshaven Boatyard.

From there they had a one tack beat out the into the harbour before reaching the freedom of the open water to be able to carry out reaching, running and taking turns at helming all the while listening intently to their Instructors as they enjoyed the experience.

Judging from the reported reaction on coming ashore they all enjoyed the evening thoroughly and are looking forward to the rest of the course.

Added to the lovely conditions of the evening there was also the experience of being able to look out the harbour from the club before they started and enjoy the sight of MV Independence, the largest cruise ship to visit an Irish port this year, as she left Cobh for her next port of call.



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