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Survey regarding Club Membership Now Running


An important survey regarding Club membership and subscription strategy is currently underway and we are looking for inputs from current, past and potential future members. Anyone who has an interest in helping the club becoming more accessible and relevant for the current times is invited to take part.

At the recent AGM the incoming Executive undertook to initiate a membership study and a subcommittee of members was subsequently appointed with the following terms of reference.

  • The primary function of the group is to look at ways for the Club to retain and grow its membership base.
  • It will look for ways to address the aging profile, encouraging non members to join, and ways of making the club more attractive for other uses that would broaden the membership base.
  • It will take a long term view regarding a subscription strategy that promotes the retention of members and income over a five year period
  • It will recommend a strategy to the executive committee through the Admiral but will not be responsible for implementation.

The members of the subcommittee are Tom Crosbie, Pat Horgan, Richard Sullivan and Conor O’Donovan.
To help with drawing up the report a survey is being undertaken of both members and non members.
We would like as many people as possible to complete this survey . It should only take about ten minutes in total and can be done confidentially if desired.
The survey is also available in paper format at the club office and bar, however please if practical do it online as it will ease the collating of results.

You can access the survey here

There is a very simple password and anyone who knows the year the club was founded will easily work it out!

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