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Spring League Results



New boats on the way and latest results




April / May league continues in squally conditions.

Race 5 had the Amy Kate and Emma combination showing their true skills in difficult conditions and taking a well deserved win, Richard and Robbie 2nd and Isabella and Tom 3rd.

The Cobh to East ferry race took place on 3rd May so there was no league racing.

1st Isabella and Tom Morehead

2nd Richard Roberts and Robbie English despite two capsizes

Ciara and Simone retired Julianne also had a spin and found the toe straps were easily missed! So lots of swimming. A few house keeping lessons were also learnt oin the way back – Feva Main Sails do not float, and boats always need to be occupied when under tow!!

Even more boats are on the way arrive!! a very big welcome to Cillian Brewitt and support crew There are 16 in total now.!

Time keeping to starts has already been commented on and the offenders know who they are 🙁 Can we please have our chat on the way to the race course – not in the changing rooms – our OODs need more respect – enough said.


Finally, All boats to get their sail numbers on as soon as possible, Starboard side highest – suggest you hit the web for photos / rules as to how it is done – Munsters are on the way so we hope we can have a great turnout this saturday.

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