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Skills For Life – Module Preferences

As part of the Youth Pathway launch, we sought expressions of interest in the Skills For Life programme. This programme will provide youth sailors of all ages up to 25 with fundamental skills of sailing and boating. It comprises of 7 core modules with further details in each of the links below. Sailors can do one or all of these modules and they are designed to compliment existing sailing that sailors are partaking in.

In the form below, we would now like to ask applicants to highlight which modules are of interest so we can have them ready to run once sailing recommences. Sign up will close on 9th April.

Reminder of module details

  1. Introduction To Navigation & Weather
  2. Appreciation Of Offshore Sailing
  3. Experience Of Roles On A Keelboat
  4. Team Racing
  5. Boat Repairs & Maintenance – The Basics
  6. TY Instructor Courses(for the 2021/2022 school year)
  7. Skilling Up For Race Management Duties

Given the array of modules on offer, it is not envisaged that a sailor take on all modules in one year; we recommend a pick n mix approach over of a number of years. 

*The application form closed on April 9th, please contact the office for further information.


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