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Scora Meeting and Prizegiving

December 9th Scora Meeting

It is important that there should be a good attendance at the Scora meeting that will take place on December 9th next at Royal Cork Yacht Club at 8 pm.  The outcome of this meeting could have far reaching effects for the future of Scora.

Among the contentious issues to be discussed will be the question of class bands which need to be revisited.  Discussion will take place on changes in the age allowance, especially in relation to boats at the lower end of the Class Two band.  Solutions will need to be found to move these boats into Class Three.  Alternatively, if the lower end of Class Two is left stand then consideration will have to be given to  boats at the top end of Class Two moving into Class one.  Whatever resolution is to be found with regard to Class Two it inevitably means that it will have a knock on effect to the other classes.

At the recent ICRA Annual Conference in Kilkenny it was agreed that ICRA Secretary, Denis Kiely, would chair a sub committee to look at the question of Whitesail including the question of the holding of a whitesail championship as part of the ICRA National Championships.  Agreement  was also reached at the conference that for a national championship to be held there would need to be a standardised set of rules.  In different areas of the country there are different interpretations on the conduct of whitesail racing.  These include non spinnaker classes, whitesail fleets that do not permit hi-tech sails, the concept that whitesail can only be sailed with a furling headsail and there is the fact that some clubs allow the use of spinnaker or  whisker poles to  hold out the Genoa while other clubs ban their use.

Following the foregoing discussions the Scora prizegiving for the year will take place.

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