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SCORA AGM and Prizegiving

The SCORA AGM and PRIZEGIVING will take place in the Royal Cork Yacht Club on Friday 30th November 2012  at 8 pm

The agenda will include: apologies, the Commodore’s Report, a report on the Income/Expenditure Account, a discussion on the format of 2012 programme and possible changes for 2013 programme, the election of officers, and of course the presentation of prizes. An important item on the agenda is Class Bands for 2013.

At a meeting on 17 July 2012 it was agreed to put the following to the AGM:

Class 0                       1.050 and above

Class 1                       1.049 to 0.975

Class 2                       0.974 to 0.916

Class 3                       0.915 to 0.865

Class 4                       0.864 and below

It is also proposed that future Class Band break points will be revised from year to year to take account of IRC depreciation with a view to maintaining current class composition.

SCORA league results for 2012 will be published later this week on the Keelboat Results section of the Royal Cork website.

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