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Sailing Forum Agenda

Sailing Forum Agenda 2007 


Thursday night racing –

What has changed and what would we like changed.

Week-end racing cruisers – what format should we have and what are we proposing for 2008.

ECHO handicapping – what has changed in 2007 and what is the plan for 2008.

White Sail Fleet – what is needed for 2008?

White sail – poles/no poles/IRC/ECHO/No cert.?

Long distance racing, demand for coastal races, is their a need?

New Classes

SB3's – what is happening in the fleet and what is the plan for 2008.

Dry sailing facility

Sports boats, 1720s etc, where can they race?

 Match racing

ISA purchase of J80’s


RS Fevas the growth and who is sailing them.


 What are we spending on sailing? Adreille, Nemo, Ribs & Racing Marks.


What resources would we like to see put in place for the future.
Ribs & Race Officer Vessels plan fro the future.


Race Officer Rota's.
 Increase in classes’ leads to an increase in demand for resources.

Coaching – Coaching is now a high demand area for every day sailing.
All classes benefit from coaching.


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