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R.C.Y.C. “At Home”, “J” Class Trophy Presented by Conor O’Donovan

R.C.Y.C. “At Home”, “J” Class Trophy Presented by Conor O’Donovan

Trophy for AT HOME White Sail IRC

Archive No. 297

Conor O’Donovan

Conor O’Donovan was Admiral from 1996-1998. He also presented the “Lady Admiral’s Crab Fishing Trophy” – the famous Crab Fishing Trophy (Archive No. 1670) for competition during the At Home Regatta

YearHelmBoat Name
1981S. O'SullivanMoonshiner
1982S. O'SullivanMoonshiner
1984F. O'RiordanXcaliber
1986Tom O'SullivanAmazon
1988Barry DorganTertia II
1989Barry DorganTertia 11

Rededicated “At Home” Regatta White Sail

YearHelmBoat Name
2000Richard LeonardImposter
2001Richard LeonardImposter
2004Roy HananPlumbat
2005Kieran & Liz O'BrienMagnet
2006Peter WebsterThistle
2007Stuart & Janet NairnMaximum
2009T. McNeiceMinx lll
2010T. McNeiceMinx lll
2011Ian HickeyCavatina
2012Ian HickeyCavatina
2013Conor O'DonovanX-Tension
2014Seamus GilroySplit Point
2015Pat VaughanAramis
2016T. McNeiceMinx lll
2017T. D. & D. O'MahonyLoch Greine
2019D. GoodExhale
2021Kieran O'BrienMagnet

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