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Prototype National 18 Report

We received the prototype N18 3 weeks ago amid great excitement. We needed to commission and test her over the first two weekends but over the last few days we really turned her loose.
Summary observations so far are:-
· Great looking boat, much admired and very well built.
· Very stable and manageable in the heavy conditions.
· Safe and easy to right following capsize.
· Very comfortable to sail & hugely exciting.
· We have demonstrated that our current 18 rig and rudder fits exceptionally well to the new platform.

Sat 26th Oct. 15-20+kts

· Launched with D O’Connell in charge. The plan was to head to MBSC so we set off on a really great downwind sail to cobh then up to MBSC for the last of their Oct league.
· Whilst the backup helm (Colin) made a bags of the racing we demonstrated that the new boat is significantly faster than the current boats
· We had a great contingent of MBSC 18 sailors try out post racing and all left the boat reluctantly and with big smiles..
· Jamie Dwyer notched up 15.3 kts on the way home.

Sun 27th Oct 40+ kts
· We stayed ashore…..

Mon 28th Oct 20-30 kts
· Our biggest contingent out sailing yet and in the highest wind speeds so far.
· Tom Crosbie lead out with rotations throughout the day.
· Clodagh O’Sullivan admitted post sailing that a new kitchen in the next few years may not happen.
· A capsize was quickly and safely recovered
· Speed and stability were fantastic
· Tom C, Nick W and Barry O’M headed out south of Roche’s point after the rib ran out of petrol trying to keep up. They hopped plenty of waves, had a complete bawl and got obstreperous when it was time to come in.
· All returned safe, happy and without damage to body or boat.
· Feedback ranged from amazing to unbelievable
· Builder & designer got a good blast and absorbed plenty of feedback.

Our plan is continue invitational sailing sessions each weekend until Sun 17th Nov. A full report on all the activities will be issued following the last weekend along with a plan for the boat as she moves to England.
Please email, text or call Colin to indicate when you would like to go sailing. You can of course do more than one weekend.
We will have rib cover and mother ship available during these sessions.

Sat 2nd Nov
Sun 3rd Nov

Sat 9th Nov
Sun 10th Nov

Sat 16th Nov
Sun 17th Nov

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