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Optimist Local Fleet Allocations September 2008

The current local fleet allocations can be seen on the club website by checking the Optimist section on the results page here   Note that the results for the year are also there now.

Due to the very large number s of sailors in our local Optimist fleet (72 of whom participated in the  Nationals) it is necessary for us to split the fleet into different fleets according to ability and experience. The local fleets were reviewed in early September and many sailors were promoted on the following bases:

  • All our Copper Fleet sailors who competed in the Regatta fleet at the Nationals were promoted to the local Bronze Fleet
  • All sailors ranked Nationally in either the Silver Fleet or the Gold Fleet have been classified locally as Gold Fleet
  • A number of sailors who have been in our local Bronze Fleet have been promoted to the local Silver Fleet on the basis of their results during the summer or their experience.

There is an element of subjectivity in the promotions particularly as between Bronze and Silver Fleets and from Copper to Bronze. This is necessary so as to give sailors the opportunity to test themselves by sailing against more experienced sailors as they improve but also to give the newer recruits a reasonable chance of getting a good result. For next year we intend to be more formal in the way promotions are decided and communicated so that sailors know exactly where they stand.

The National rankings have strict guidelines for the classification of sailors as follows:

  • Initial Rankings for the year are calculated based on the results of the annual trials for the selection of the teams to represent Ireland at the World’s and European’s. Entry to the trials is restricted to the top 70 ranked sailors from the previous year (note that sailors must compete in the Nationals and at least two regional events in the previous year to be eligible). The first 30 sailors at the trials are classified as Gold Fleet and the remainder Silver Fleet.
  • Sailors who did not do the trials are automatically classified as Bronze Fleet nationally.
  • During the year, sailors can gain promotion from one fleet to another by finishing in the top 6 overall in their fleet in two regattas (note that results from previous years can be taken into account for promotions)
  • Many of the younger and / or less experienced sailors have the option to sail in the “Regatta” fleet (with shorter courses and the opportunity for on-the-water coaching during the event) at regional and national events but once you elect to sail in the main fleet there is no going back

It should be noted that National fleet allocations will be used for the Cobbler League. This allows our local Bronze Fleet sailors the option to sail in either the Bronze Fleet or the Copper Fleet (provided they have not raced in the Bronze Fleet at a Regional or National Championship) according to their own wishes. However, it should be noted that the main fleet races will be considerably longer than the Copper so discretion is advised. Note also that opting for the Bronze Fleet for the Cobbler Leagues will not preclude them from sailing in the Regatta Fleet nationally next year.

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