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Optimist Europeans Report – Day 4

My brain is fried! What a difficult day it was!

We started the day with an 11am panic as a huge thunder storm decided to burst just above us. That done we launched in a lovely 18-20kts North Easterly. The kids were well fired up and ready to show skills learned in the Irish winter training… but it was not to be.

The breeze steadily dropped while our Committee boat made multiple attempts to anchor – unsuccesfully! When the breeze had dropped to 6-8 kts (still with the 20kts chop) the boys finally managed to start. The race started with rapid oscillations before a massive left shift occurred keeping the girls on the start line postponed.

Colm and John had excellent starts and were racing inside the top twenty but pushed a little too far left and could not fully benefit from the shift but still secure 24th and 29th respectively. In his race Seafra was caught on the wrong side but put a great fight to pick up as many places as he could to secure a 46th. Patrick never found pace and was left battling at the back.

… And we waited, and waited… under the sun!

Finally around 4pm, we had a course set with a northerly breeze of 4-5kts. The girls finally got their race underway. Amy had a good start but could not keep up and settled with a 38th closely followed by Tara who seemed short of pace. In her race Fiona sailed very cleverly and was close to get a 4th or 5th before a minor shift (and the wake of a race official boat…grr) made her drop to 11th just metres of the finish line. Her consistency is not really paying off just yet but hopefully her luck will turn around in the next few days as there is a true opportunity for a solid overall result now.


Boys Results after 6 Races

36 IRL 1370 Guilfoyle Seafra 108,0 20 (58) 20 17 5 46

90 IRL 1269 O’Regan Colm 185,0 52 52 22 30 (57) 29

106 IRL 1324 Crosbie Patrick 205,0 59 56 21 (62) 8 61

126 IRL 1246 Durcan John 252,0 61 (73) 63 62 42 24

Girls Results after 6 Races

36 IRL 1340 Daly Fiona 85,0 15 (21) 19 21 19 11

60 IRL 1217 Harrington Amy 125,0 (45) 31 20 16 20 38

75 IRL 1315 Flood Tara 158,0 13 41 37 35 32 (42)


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