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Optimist Europeans Report – Day 2

Another long day to secure another race!

The morning was calm and we started our day pretty relaxed after a short postponement ashore. At 12.30, with the info about a small low centred in Venice making its way up to us and the potential of a south East breeze, we launched.

After a good hour, the wind started to fill in giving up to 12-15 kts and creating a short chop making sailing very physical. The race officer did not allow much time for the sailors to get themselves in race-mode and the race started. The boys had a tough time on the starting line and had to fight for every position. Luck was not on their side and they did not manage “the” come back of the day.

The girls had a little more time and Amy Harrington (RCYC), who was on a redemption mission, secured the best start of her fleet “burning” the opposition at the committee boat end, which was the favoured end at the time. Unfortunately she was a little too far from the left side when a solid 20 degrees left came up. Fiona Daly (TBSC) who had been a little further left at the time was battling for a potential top 12 but the ultimate oscillation allowed a group of girls to overtake her before the finish line and she settled with 21st.

After a good chat with all the sailors, they were well fired up for the next race and they all secured top class starts in their respective fleets showing the way to the rest of the fleet. John Durcan (RCYC) was finally showing his full potential up front, Amy was in the running to take the bullet with Tara Flood (RCYC) not far behind while Fiona was solid in the top 15 once more. Then the wind shifted 180 degrees, picked up to 20kts with a massive thunder storm gunning for the fleet. Racing was abandoned and sailors rushed back ashore on a great reach planing the waves away from the dark clouds.

After all that – one more race in the bag to put the total at 2 after 2 days. Fiona is our most consistent finisher at the moment with her 15th from yesterday and the 21st from today but all sailors have proved they can be at the front and we are now hoping to get finally some races in to put scores on the result sheet.

Boys Results

79 IRL 1370 Guilfoyle Seafra 78,0 20 58

112 IRL 1269 O’Regan Colm 104,0 52 52

121 IRL 1324 Crosbie Patrick 114,0 59 55

141 IRL 1246 Durcan John 133,0 61 72


Girls Results

30 IRL 1340 Daly Fiona 36,0 15 21

53 IRL 1315 Flood Tara 54,0 13 41

83 IRL 1217 Harrington Amy 76,0 45 31



Coach out… for now


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