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IODAI Munster Championships 2022



Welcome to the Royal Cork for the IODAI Munster Championships 2022. The event is hosted by RCYC in conjunction with IODAI.

This is the RCYC webpage for the IODAI Munster Championships 2022. It aims to be a central website that contains all the information and links you need to enjoy your participation at the event.

The event runs from 21st to 22nd May at Royal Cork Yacht Club and will be attended by sailors primarily aged between 8 and 15 years including regatta, junior(under 12), and Senior fleets(12-15yrs old).



Results – IODAI Munster Championships 2022 – Senior, Junior, Regatta fleets


Site Map

To help navigate around the event area, where to unload upon arrival, place your dinghy etc, see the following site map.

Site Layout – IODAI Munsters 2022



IODAI Munster Championships 2022 -Notice of Race



IODAI Munster Championship 2022 -Sailing Instructions



IODAI Munster Championship 2022 -Supplementary Sailing Instructions


Regatta fleet SIs

IODAI Munster Championship 2022 – Regatta fleet SIs


Online Official Notice Board, Protests and Results queries

To view the official noticeboard, make a protest, results query, request for redress etc,

Virtual Protests, Scoring Inquiries, Crew & Equipment Substitution


whatsapp groups

The whatsapp groups outlined in the link below are used to inform parents of useful information regarding the event

Link to IODAI event page for info on Mainfleet and Regatta fleet WhatsApp groups


Bar & Restaurant arrangements for the event weekend

Friday evening 19th May:
Bar food and pizza available from the club.
Saturday morning
Scones / Croissants tea & coffee  available from the club house. Donations to the RNLI appreciated. 
Saturday afternoon
Hot chocolate and biscuits available to the sailors when they come off the water. 
Saturday evening BBQ
BBQ will kick off from 5.30pm where participant Sailors need a ticket to avail of their complimentary  BBQ. 
    * Please note, Competitors are entitled to a free BBQ when accompanied by a BBQ ticket holding parent or guardian.
    Only purchase tickets for children who are not competing in the championships.
Parents, members and visitors need to pre-book the BBQ: 
Sunday morning: 
Scones / Croissants Teas and coffees in Club house

Event Entry

Click here to enter the event IODAI Munster Championships 2022 entry/signup portal

Entries are now Closed!


Parental Consent and Medical forms available here



Results – IODAI Munster Championships 2022


Accommodation around the Crosshaven area


While the sailors are on the water, why not enjoy what Crosshaven has to offer, or check out the best area to view the sailors from ashore.

Sites To See For Parents