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No shackle on the Ball’n Chain!

National 18’s Wednesday Night 13/6/12
Well Davy O’Connell and crew in Ball and Chain really put it up to the rest of the fleet last night with 2 bullets from 2 races in a16 boat fleet on the eve of the South Coast Championships. Keith gave us two W / L races on a rare sunny evening with a S E 10 knot breeze. Ball n’Chain was followed by G B U  and 3 Blind Mice in race 1 with Aquaholics and newly launched Hatrick with Eddie and James taking 2 and 3.
In the crews race Barry O’Meara proved his worth in the river taking the honours.
Thanks again to Keith and rescue, Anthony your steaks keep getting better.

Roll on the weekend, Briefing at 10.00 sharp on Saturday morning and remember even if you’re not Sailing come to the B B Q  and music at 17.30 and bring family and friends.

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