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Naval Race Threw Up Some Great Racing Fare

With a brisk westerly breeze of 16 to 20  knots on a day of bright sunshine and squally showers, the Race Officer chose to use Weavers Point for a start.  Only four boats from Class One and Two  elected to sail the spinnaker class.  They were sent out to Ringabella before returning to the harbour and on up the Naval Base.

The second fleet to start, comprising of Classes Three, Four and White Sail Class that included many Class One boats, were given a reaching start in the harbour into Corkbeg, a beat across to Cage, a run back to Corkbeg, a reach in the harbour and a beat to the finish before arriving at the Naval Base.

For this scribe the highlight of the event was to watch the Creidne with her gleaming blue topsides joust with Táilte.  Creidne being a bigger boat with a longer waterline and  ketch rig had the legs on Táilte on the reach but Táilte  was pointing higher on the beat, had more manoeuverability and got ahead  at Cage. On the reach back to Corkbeg Creidne again showed her speed to round Corkbeg just behind Táilte.  It was great sailing and well done  to both crews and their helms.

Meanwhile in Class Three the Jimmy Nyhan/Maritta Buwalda Outrigger was making all the running and were using their asymmetric spinnaker to good effect and despite the best efforts of the J24 and the Impalas they couldn’t catch them.

The conditions were such that the white sail boats were having a ball but as the fleet were rounding the Spit Bank a squall struck and took away some of the pleasure. However, it was soon to clear before the  merry band arrived at the Naval Base to enjoy well earned and most generous hospitality provided by the Naval Service.

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