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National Eighteen Foot Class British And Irish National Championship 2011

The Royal Cork YC aims to host the largest ever gathering of National 18s. The 2011 class championship, better known locally as the Cock O’ The North, will take place at Crosshaven from Sunday 24th to Friday 29th July 2011.

For more details please follow the link below.

We ask all interested parties to get in touch about what is going to be a very interesting party.

Whether you are a former 18′ sailor or someone looking for a new challenge, there is a place for you at this event.

We hope that over 50 boats will participate across three separate divisions:-

Ultimates – The modern fibreglass boats of the racing fleet.

Penultimates – The older fibreglass boats that have been hiding in garages waiting to be taken out for the 2011 championship.

Classics – The beautiful wooden clinker-built boats that have re-surfaced in Crosshaven, West Cork and further afield in recent years.

How to get involved?

First we would like to hear from anyone who would like to crew in the championship. In addition, we are compiling a list of boats available for charter across the various divisions (some will probably be available in exchange for pints).

If you’re not looking to actually sail but don’t want to miss the party, we also require assistance with rescue, committee boat, entertainment etc.

Who will be there?

So far, we have interest from Schull, Baltimore, Cork Harbour, Waterford, Wexford, Arklow and Lough Derg in Ireland. Further afield, we expect to see visitors from Scotland, Isle of Man, Essex, Tamesis Club (London) and Chichester Harbour – and we’ve even had a request for information from Germany.

Former 18′ sailors

Former 18′ sailors – if you can’t be involved all week, we will be delighted to see you along and join us at the class dinner. It is also hoped to put together a collection of photographs from days gone by, so we would love to hear from anybody with suitable material.

Getting in touch please contact:

Peter O’Donovan – 

Kieran O’Connell –


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