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National 18’s Friday Night 25/5/12

For all of you who haven’t been able to race on Friday evenings you have really missed out, we have had three cracking evenings with last friday topping the lot.

5 boats took to the water in a 20knt Easterly and Keith gave us an interesting coarse to say the least:
– start bank
– no 8 port
– spike starboard
– ‘Air’ starboard with a loop
– cage port
– cork beg starboard
– finish cage

The race will be remembered for lots of reasons (by us and the crew of a certain Super Yacht), one being the fact that Hass is now barred from the drinks cabinet on board Air(in fact I think we all might be), every boat led the race on at least two occasions and there was an incredible reach from ‘Air’ to cage which I am still having nightmares about.

Robbie O’Sullivan on his debut had to retire with technical difficulties before the start and we hope to see him chomping for Wednesday night.
At the finish 3 blind mice just got thru Clea followed by Badger and the unlucky Oystercatcher who got foul of a Tanker and a few Dolphins. Thanks Keith and rescue.

Wednesday night is final two races for Mackey / May league so we will have a small prize giving.[ not there chances of a prize are slim] and Anthony has promised a DD style mixed grill!

It’s looking like we will have had 14 races for the league so there will be three discards, speak now if this is a problem? So its all to play for and no boats to be left in dinghy park on Wed evening everyone on the water please.

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