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3 Blind Mice (Image Paul Keal)

National 18’s,

Last week was a quiet week. With monsoon conditions wed night sailing was in doubt by mid afternoon. Yours truly arrived down to the RCYC at about 17:30 having just nearly aquaplaned into the river on the way. It was tipping down. Huddling under the dinghy centre roof were two other crews, Virtual Reality still pumped following Shock’s win the previous weekend. Three Blind Mice were there and weren’t looking forward to being three drowned mice. Kieran O’Connell just plainly wasn’t entertaining the idea at all and Edmund was fully crewed and ready to go. By 17:45 the rain had stopped. By 18:10 it was dry and sunny. The four available boats decided it was worth a shot. There was no wind but with promise of some breeze after the rain cleared we all headed out.

True to prediction race 1 got under way in about 5-6 kts. Race 2 was completed in about 18 kts so the four adventurers had two great short races in sunny dry conditions and decent breeze. Who would have thought it……

Saturday was a different matter. Again monsoon conditions but with >20 kts breeze and more on the way even less boats turned up to sail so we quickly cancelled and laid a track for the bar. Less said.

We have 2 more weeks racing including this one before we re-locate to Castlepoint for the Cork Week build up. The arrangements have been made for this so we shouldn’t loose much sailing time. We will arrange to have all trailers removed when were out sailing on Sat 5th. They will be waiting for us when we come back into the Point.

For all of you who are in the dinghy park the easiest way to get your boat out of the club is to go sailing on Sat 5th. Forget de-rigging, just come sailing. The 5th is the Donnelly trophy so a strong turn out is expected rather than hoped for!

The trip to Scotland isn’t far away. Again our numbers don’t look great for traveling with 8 confirmed and two maybe’s, potentially our lowest turn out in many years.  If you are a regular crew but your boat isn’t traveling please consider going with one of the other teams who are short handed. The hospitality will as usual be second to none in this fantastic location. The Scottish fleet are also having a difficult year with turnout so the more we can provide the better.



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