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National 18 Report

National 18 Report

Dear Sailors,

The last few sailing days have seen a good turn out for the fleet again. Last wed was light ‘n shifty but got a good response with 7 boats racing.

Following the Invitation day the weekend before it was great to see some of the invitee’s back in action. Deirdre Fitzgerald and Anna Ruth were back on the water on Aquaholics and with Muchadoo also sporting some new recruits from the previous weekend it looks like the invitation day has built some enthusiasm.

Also new to Cork Harbour was Le Carbon…. The new stick has found pride of place on Muchadoo following their unfortunate dismasting the previous week. It will most likely get a good testing over the next few weeks through to the end of the season so get down to the dinghy park, get racing and join in the discussion. This is a decision affecting the whole class and will most likely be voted on in 2009 so all input is very valuable.

The “At Home” regatta again got a great turn out for the two day event last weekend. Welcome back to Tom Crosbie, Barry O’Meara and Bendy on board Cellulite. They didn’t wait long to get going and took the “At Home” honours ahead of Clea 2nd and Virtual Reality third.

Very importantly, the Dognose was postponed on the 23rd Aug to allow the invitation to go ahead. This has now been re-scheduled to THIS SAT 6th Sept. Apologies for the short notice but with the weekends largely booked for the rest of the season it looks like this Sat is the best option. The start will be 2pm from the normal starting area progressing round the cans and finishing in Ahada. As usual there will be the normal pints etc and tow home for all participants.

The rest of Sept is packed. Wed leagues are up and running starting tomorrow, the Ballinacurra cup is Sat 13th, the nationals are 20/21st and that leaves only 1 weekend left in the season.

Regarding the Nationals.

We expect a strong turn out. Cellulite is back in action, Ball’nChain is on the way. Fat Girl Racers are traveling from the UK and it’s hoped that as many local boats turn out as possible. We will run the same type of weekend as for the South Coasts with dinner and live music on Sat night. All relatives, family, friends and hangers on are welcome some please bring as many people down with you to the sat night of the nationals.

p.s. we also expect subs from all those outstanding……



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