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National 18 Report

National 18’s Class Captains Report

I’ts been a long few weeks what with Cork week etc but things will soon be back on track. Cork week was very successful for many N18 participants with lots of good results.

Colin crewed on Mustang Sally to take 2nd in class 2

The All 18 team (Eddie, Shocks, Martin, James, Mike Fitz and Mike Morris) onboard Impacunious took 5th overall in class 6

Tim Sullivan and his 18 crew on Running Wild finished 14th on running wild but not before seeing themselves ahead of Impacunious in one race

Jess Berney and Kim Waterfield (From Fat Girl Racers) Crewing on the J122 Jedi Knight took 3rd in the corporate class

The Kieran O’Connell chartered Corby 33 Rockabill V taking 4th in class 2.

By far the most successful 18’s showing was in the 1720 class with

1st Place Nicholas O’Leary & crew

2nd Place Robert O’Leary & Crew

3rd Place John Crotty and Multiple team

4th Place Anthony Ellis & team

Highlights include

John Crotty & team taking a bullet on the last day to sneek third overall

Anthony Ellis also taking a bullet in race 4

Tresurer Stephen O’Shaughnessy stretching his vocabulary to new heights during one particular on the water altercation

A very successful night on the gate by all the N18 volunteers on Mon night. Thanks for all the help to those involved…

John and Tim as MC’s (again) for the prize giving

Catching up with Jess, Kim and Anthony prior to Scotland. Lets hope all our Cork week experience sees us right for the social side of Scotland.

Moving onto the next few weeks.

There will be racing this Wed for all interested. The club will not be ready to take us back on wed but will be ready for Sat. Hopefully all those available can make it for racing this week and can help with moving the boats back to the Club on Sat….. For those not traveling to Scotland please talk among yourselves and organize the Chicken!!


Less than two weeks away !!!

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