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National 18 May League Report


Racing continued for the Mackey trophy last Wed with 4 boats making it out in less than pleasant conditions. With the wind easing to a manageable avg 20 kts but with the rain still dumping down the intrepid 4 headed out for a damm good thrashing. Three Blind Mice made their first foray in 2008 with new wire man Conor Kelly (previously part of a successful Sellulite team) With Bendy still ashore in charge of the kids Aquaholics (Colin & Joanna) made it to the start of the first race but sensibly headed back to the shelter Currabinny to await Keith’s arrival. Race 1 got under way with Nick and team leading DasBoot and D’G, D’B & D’U around the race course. Three blind mice took the race win with D’G, D’B & D’U working hard to secure a very valuable 2nd. Tommy Dwyer however now heads the leaderboard in the race for the Great White Fin following another capsize……

With Keith now onboard Aquaholics all four boats lined up for race 2. Aquaholics were first around the marks to take a win with Three Blind Mice 2nd. DasBoot retired citing gear failure???? And D’G, D’B & D’U found out that it’s not so quick sailing down wind without a rudder. All in all it was an exciting night on the water with breeze.

As previously mentioned the Mackey trophy ends this wed 28th. The prize giving will follow with some small prizes for the first 6 boats so hopefully we’ll have a good turn out. The results as they stand were sent out in an earlier mail.  You will all receive an e-mail later regarding the South Coast Champs which is 7/8 June……Just 2 weekends time.



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