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National 18 Irish Championships


Royal Cork Yacht Club, Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th June 2007

 NOTICE OF RACE 1. The championship is organised by the RCYC and governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, ISA prescriptions and the National 18’ Class Rules. 2. The championship is open to National 18’ Class boats. The entry form must be      completed and the entry fee paid prior to the first race. Entrants must be members  of the  National 18’ Class Association and the Cork Harbour National 18 Class. 3. Schedule of races            A maximum of three races will be sailed per day             Start times will be published in the Sailing Instructions 4. The organising committee may require boats and sails to be measured at any time. 5. Sailing Instructions will be available during the week before the event. 6. The Low Point scoring system will apply. 7. Six races are scheduled, of which two must be completed to constitute the series.

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