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National 18 Fleet Report Monday 13th July

Dear All,


So the on again off again summer season continued last week. Wednesday (I’m told) was a champagne sailing evening and attracted 10 boats for some near perfect conditions. It also generated some new race winners in 2009. The Virtual Reality team took their first race of the year and Weitse and the Clea team took what I’m sure will not be their only race win of the year. The Hassett brothers very nearly also had a win which would have really made their season as it’s claimed that many, many, many years have passed by since they were all in a boat together…..

Back ashore Weitse generously rang the bell to celebrate. We wait in anticipation for next wednesday when Shocks will no doubt make up for forgetting to do the same. It’ll probably be the biggest turn out of the year.

Saturday was just not going to happen at all. The fleet didn’t even have to turn up to see the cancelled flag, they voted with their feet and just didn’t turn up. A wise move as the self bailers definitely wouldn’t have kept up with the rain.

This Saturday 18th  July is the Cove SC At Home regatta. I’ll let you know later in the week what the plan is there. We’ve had a great run of attendance so far this year, helped no doubt by the fairer weather. We are now nearly always seeing 10 boats each evening with more on occasions, the important thing is that it’s not the same 10 with almost everyone getting out either Wednesday or Saturday so there’s good movement in the dinghy park. Lets hope we get a bumper attendance for Shock’s bell ringing this wed.


Colin & Martin 


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