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National 18 “Bring your Au-Pair Sailing” Evening , Wednsday 25th June

The National 18 Class is delighted to announce Peter O’Donovan has agreed to Sponsor the “bring your Au-Pair Sailing Evening” this Wednsday 25th June. Peter will be providing some amazing and topical prizes for this inaugural event and we expect a huge turnout.  

In the unlikely event that you do not have your own Au-Pair to bring, Pete will be running a short course on how to find random Au-Pairs for sailing before Wednesday evenings launch. This will run in two modules, Module I “Cruising the Marina”, and Module II “Trawling friends and family for theirs”. If anyone cannot make racing themselves but has a spare Au-Pair they can contact me by email and I will arrange a good match for them.

This marks the beginning of a series of evenings aimed at getting connected parties to the club involved in sailing. The National 18 class will also be running Cousins Evening and Office nights, so watch for updates.


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