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Mixed Dinghy Racing returns for September

Its now time to bring back Mixed Dinghy racing on a wednesday evening. With the great success the Mixed Dinghy have enjoyed over the past 12 months, it is now time to take it a step further and start PY Mixed dinghy racing.
The 29ers have shown the way this season joining the N18s, and in recent weeks, the new 420 fleet have joined in.
We are now looking to expand further to welcome any mixed dinghy boat to join the PY racing format for the new September league.

This racing is targetted at competent racing helms and crews. Pls contact your class captain to help put competent partnerships together if you need to find a helm or crew to sail with. Daragh Connolly(Fevas), Dom Daly(29er), and Tom Mapplebeck(420).

If you have any other double-handed boat such as topaz, mirror, RS200, Magno, RS400, fireball etc please join in,  any single-handed is more than welcome also!

Andy Jenkins will coordinate this September Mixed Dinghy League.  Andy will use the RCYC Mixed Dinghy whatsapp group to communicate the information.

Looking forward to seeing many of you on the water, lets make the most of this ‘Indian Summer’ throughout September and hopefully this September league would be the first of great things to come.


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