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Mid term Feva Coaching

We saw how coach Jonathan Lewis prepared his squad to take the World Championships last year. Well,  together with our very own Irish Feva Squad coach Gillian Guinness, we hope to pick up some tips, tricks and techniques  during the mid-term!


9 confirmed local Fevas are the lucky ones availing of this unique event at RCYC on 18th ./ 19th February, 2009





14/15th February        All Participants to check their boats, rigging and sailing gear are in                        order


18th February               09.30 Rig boats but dont get into sailing gear

                                    10.00 Introduction and opening of session


                                    12.30   Soup and sandwiches – dinghy centre


                                    13.00   Coaching


                                    16.30   Debriefing


                                    17.00   Local Coach briefing / induction



19th February               09.30  Rigged but not in sailing gear


                                    12.30   Soup and sandwiches


                                    16.30 Debriefing and discussion





Coaching Fee €50 per boat, due on Day 1, 18th February


All dry suits/ buoyancy gear etc to be checked before the event

Soup will be served by volunteers – but bring your own sandwiches!


Make sure your boat insurance is fully up to date

Any changes to helm / crew combinations?? let me know by 11th February..the boats will be uniquely identified courtesy Jon Partridge RS Boats! You’ve been warned…. 


Other events for your diary:


14th / 17th April                        ISA Junior Pathway championships. Attendance critical for                                                 ISA pathway status progression


23rd / 25th May                         UK Nationals Weymouth / Portland National Sailing                                                            Academy


10th / 12th July                          Irish National Championships – RCYC


25th July / 1st August               European Championships – Acquafresca YC, Lake Garda




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